Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holy Cow Batman!

Lots of pictures today, Hope you enjoy.

Today I received an awesome package from my pal Crafty Librarian for the Monkey Sock Swap! She did kick ass job on the socks she knitted and I loved every single thing in my package. Above and way beyond.

I heart her!

First off, we have my Monkey Socks! They fit beyond perfect. And the Colorway is gorgeous!

The package, pre-opening. Cute Paper!

Snoop was kind enough to pose for some pictures

Awesome hand made Orange and Blue Stitch Markers!

The package was so pretty. I opened each piece so slowly in anticipation.

Monkey post card, Little writing goodies, and some super cute correspondence treats!
I also received a Cookie A Pattern I wanted and some new yarn. My favorite kind of yarn in the most awesome of colors.
This girl is winning the way into my heart!
She also knitted a little Monkey which is the only toy Snoopy has ever shown interest in, but its MINE MINE MINE!
A great end to what had been an average day! Thanks Charlie!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Wednesday, Movie time!

so today I have a picture for your viewing pleasure. And a movie too!! Turn up your sound!

Nothing new here. Wait, I lie, a table at work fell and tried to crush my foot at work on Tuesday. X-rays say I am ok, once all the colorwork shows up, I will post some pics, but not today. SO Lucky you.

I am hoping that a Florida/Georgia Ticket will magically appear for me this Saturday but methinks not.

Snoopy Love Malabrigo yarn! Scary for me, cause I love it too, esp when he leaves it alone. As I was working on my new sweater snoops had to get in the way. His punishment was to wear the sweater.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baby it's cold......

No where around Florida, that much is for sure. But I am getting ready for it if it ever happens. Missy, Sue, Becky, Mary and myself took the first of three sweater classes with the lovely KATHE teaching, learning how to make a Raglan sweater. It was a lot of fun once I quit being grumpy ( or when Missy and I ran and grabbed a bite to eat from the joint next door.) I love the Malabrigo I picked out.
This is of my gal Missy and myself at the class yesterday! How can a hippy chick and a country chick get along I ask you? Beats me but I heart this crazy nut.

Later peeps

Monday, October 15, 2007

new stuff to show off!

Ok I completed three scarves this weekend. Snoopywas kind enough to pose again, but he needed several treats in order to get him through it.

Mom was kind enough to sew this -----> for me. I am participating in the Monkey Sock exchange, this is just one of the goodies. It is the perfect size for a traveling sock project!!!

Now for some personal bidness. I love this yarn. I can not wait to start knitting it up.. Sadly, Friday is so far away, SO here is Fishy Wishy in a Dishy. I love Etsy.

See ya'll later this week!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sock Completed

I completed my first Toe up magic loop sock last night!

I think it came out ok. I can't get over how huge it looks but it fits A-Ok.

And for your enjoyment here is a Snoopy pic.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

nothing new here

Still no new Dirty Jobs. Maybe soon we shall see Mike accomplish some new feat, until then I will supply some eye candy.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Felted Baglet Class

Look! Its my favorite Beagle posing again.... He was NOT happy either. ( on the movie front we film soon... any location requests?)

I took the Felted Baglet class today at the shop. I love felting . I have been a big fan of felting almost from the moment I started knitting. My first felted item was the Booga Bag. I think a lot of people make the Booga bag for their first felted item, its easy and your learn for to do new stuff but on to today....
Today we learned Applied I-Cord which we used binding off. Then we learned how to do a pocket. This was really neat as we knitted with waste yarn for a bit and had to go back and pick it out then we worked those stitched with some DPNS.

This was a quick knit for me today. I finished the bag at the store then came home to felt it. Here are some lovely pictures for your viewing Pleasure!

These pictures really do not show how cute this bag is. The pocket is just perfect. I love the colors.

I would totally recommend this class to anyone. If you have never felted anything before this is a great starter project, but its also great for long timer felters/ knitters who want to try to learn something new( the pocket ) DID I mention I just love the pocket?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's Time to Cast

Casting for the newest movie with SNoopy Van Gogh is now open.

Requirements: Ignoring the dirty room he lives in and giving him kisses.

Contact Kimber for info.

Producton begins this weekend!

On a real note I have ripped out 4 times for the Harvest Sock Swap. I was trucking along very well in my lastest sock only to be doing math today at work and figuring I will not have enough yarn. GO figure. So I shall recast on in another Yarn this evening. Unless I start drinking.

Now I have only cast on twice for my International Scarf. I ripped out last night, did some swatching on some new yarn and I liked what I had. There had better be some Law and Order SVU reruns on tonight so I can get some knitting done.

I'm off on Monday, anyone want to hang out?

Monday, October 1, 2007


My tilted duster is Complete!!! I finished it at the shop on Saturday, wove in all the end and had to model it for a crazy lady and her camera.

Once I block it, lose 10 pounds, get a tan, marry Mike Rowe, and find a cute undershirt, I will pose again for a better picture.