Sunday, June 21, 2009

My life

required sock photo
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So it has been forever since I have blogged. I had been working insane hours in April and May and was finally able to get out of town for a mini long weekend.

I went to my first golf game, did a little knitting, visited a yarn store and had a great time away. I found out a few things on my trip. Sam Sneads is an amazing place to eat in Port St. Lucie. Some yarn stores still are pushing the novelty yarn. HELLO, it is 2009! Lose the eyelash please.

I have been dyeing and spinning stuff up for the store and I really enjoy that, it's neat seeing the color combinations.

On the knitting front, socks are back on the needles. They are my favorite thing to knit and I have to do something with all the yarn I am hording.

I am also trying to take more pictures these days. I would love to take a class on photography so I could learn how to better my skillz.... one day kids.