Friday, December 28, 2007

Woo Wee

I love Ravelry, today I was purusing the groups looking at all the new groups when I came across this one, the Sock A Month Club.

In this group the requirments are that you knit a pair of socks in a month. That's it! Nice and simple! No worries about mailing them off , or waiting for yours to arrive in the mail. You knit and keep your socks! Now here is the link,

And I hope to see some of my friends join on up!
( there are prizes too!)

PS! Isn't this a great way to clean out some stash!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

In major Denial

I am in major denial that Christmas is less then two days away. I casted on for some socks last night, thinking hey, I can get these done for someone in time. Woke up this am, looked at the puppers, and said, " Crappers! Out of time"

I have to work on Monday. No big deal really, but it means I must, MUST get my shopping done today.

so I am off to shop. Lets hope the 3 stores I am going to have everything I have in mind.

If you see me online, make certain I am done shopping!

Hope ya'll are ready!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I did finish my Fake Isle hat from Magknits on Sunday... It was way cute but too small.. Some Kidlet shall he getting a hat soon. But it was a great project to learn Fair Isle.

For tomorrow, I will be at the shop taking Cables and Lace class with Annie Modesitt. I am looking forward to this class. There are a lot of lace projects I have wanted to do, but I have been hesitant because I don't feel my skills are strong enough. But then I remember I taught myself how to knit, how to knit socks, kind of how to fair isle,( with the help of Kathe and her tucking thingy) and some other stuff.

I can't wait to see my knitty friends and have a great afternoon!

Later Gators!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Keith Urban Concert

I went with a girlfriend of mine to the Keith Urban concert this past Friday. Our tickets were on the 4th row and the couple to my right were great. Kinda quiet ( till I got her screaming with me lol) but they were not drinking and were cool about me getting past them and up close to the stage, esp when I dragged her with me.

(Now for the topless girl who was to my left, when I told you get put them away and get some class I meant it. Do you think your grandmother would be proud of you?)

He played a great concert,really geared towards the fans. He interacted well with us. I personally like it when at concerts the artist will share stories of how they wrote songs, or crazy things that happen in concert when playing them and Keith didn't really do that, which is ok.

It was my goal to touch that man. And I DID!!!

So it was at the end of the concert, after the encore and he was right about to leave the stage after going all over, he looked at my area and headed over. I was standing at the guard rail with a death grip on it, in case some security dude wanted to move me, no way was I moving. He came right to me, looked down and I know I had to have the goofiest biggest smile on my face. I did a jump and reach, reached all the way out, as he said with a grin at me, "Hey". And I said, "HI!!"
(in my super squeaky voice I get when I am excited) and he grabbed my hand.

Then he moved on, knowing he had fulfilled something for me. HaHa. Anywho, I had an amazing time, I lost my voice from all the screaming.

I would like to thank the Awesome JSO for getting me and the gals I rode with Rock Star parking. Always a pleasure fellows, see you in January for another concert!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


I was amazed when I got home from work today to see my package from my friend who has been anonymous the past few months but who now has a name, Mathgirl!

Mathgirl, or Jenna sent me an awesome package. The most beautiful scarf in Cherry Tree Hill yarn. She also sent Snoopy some Busy Bones which are by far his most favorite. There was a cute little Freddie the frog( in which you place in water and watch him grow) some bath fuzzies and some Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn. I squeal led with glee when I opened my package.

Jenna has been a great swap pal this turn. She kept me posted with updates and comments on my blog and of course she seems to like Snoopy which is a HUGE + in my book.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pretty things

I love pretty things. One being this, I love Lorna's Laces.

I have been working on the Fake Isle hat from Magknits this week. It of course had to pose with some freshly bakes brownies.

That's all I have for today, see ya later Alligator.

opps, I do havea PS.

WOO HOO for Tim Tebow on winning the Heisman Trophy.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Waste of time

I want each and every one of you to save some time out of your life by NOT renting the following movie.


What a piece of crap. Woman marries abusive jerkwad. She gets knocked up by him. She stays with loser. She talks to friends about leaving him but they dont do anything to help her leave him. Hello?? THese are not friends. But I digress. She also has an affair with her married doctor.

Back in the day, my peeps would run people over to get me out.

Plus the lead actess has the worst southern accent. I would rather listen to a chainsaw at 2 in the morning when I was trying to recover from a hangover then listen to her talk.

Trust me, don't watch this trash,
But you can enjoy a Snoopy picture here,

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Originally uploaded by chvy8laady
Brr, it was so chilly last! I couldn't find any of my knitted hats which means, I had to make one.

This is the Roll Brim Hat, Pattern courtesy of a gal who I hope to one day meet and have a glass of wine with.

I don't have a teddy to pose with the hat, but I did have a Shotgun Red, and he was kind enough to wear it for me.

See ya'll later!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sweater Time

I just finsihed my Mr. Greenjeans sweater. I used the Tortuga colorway of Malabrigo worsted weight yarn. All I need to do is pick up a button and wait for colder weather.

I have this crazy itch to do colorwork. Anyone care to join me?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All things good

I love Gingerbread cookies! Dad was feeling up to posing for a picture, so here he is, proof he is feeling much better! I do want to apologize for dads scary scar showing there, no way to hide it really, jsut advert your eyes.

**** Notice**
My good friend Rebecca scored two tickets to Kieth Urban, next Friday night here in town.. FOURTH ROW TICKETS..... woooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Adios Kidlets

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Double Posting today!

I forgot to let everyone know that I wrote an article for my LYS that can be viewed here'( it is on page 4 )

Hope everyone takes time to give to a read through and let me know what you think!

MM MM Good

Mike Rowe, Please pose for Playgirl! (ps there is new Dirty Jobs on tonight!)

On the knitting front, I completed my Top raglan sweater with the awesome Malabrigo. I am working on my Tortuga (Mr. GreenJeans) sweater.

Dad came home on Saturday from the hospital and he is doing great. We had our Thanksgiving on Sunday and that was fine. All kinds of weirdos keep calling the house wanting the story of what happened to dad, and I am freaking sick and tired of hearing it. I really want to start embellishing the story and have him getting attacked by ninjas or in a knife fight with a kangaroo or something.

SO i will be at the shop this Friday afternoon and all day on Saturday, Can't wait to see you there!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pass the Mashies please

I hope all of my friends out here who celebrate Thanksgiving, a happy one. I will be spending a good portion of the day with the family in dads hospital room, annoying him. Our Thanksgiving will be later on this weekend.

So today I have just a few pics to share with you. I finally got my greedy little hands on some Yarn Pirate sock yarn.( she still has some in her etsy shop)

And finally a story. On Tuesday I was leaving my Grandmas house around 9:20pm and I tripped down her stairs and hurt my ankle. I sucked it up and walked two cans of trash to the road on a cart only to get to the edge of the road.. and find a hole with the same foot and I ended up with a sprained ankle. It hurts like the dickens. But I should be on the healing road soon. Our final picture tonight is when I had the brilliant thought of taking a picture of 5:40 am . ( I had been up since 3:30am yuck-o-rama-!

Happy Gobble Day to all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank you!

I want to send a huge THANK YOU to all my friends out here, who had my dad and family in their thoughts and prayers this past week. Dad went through the surgery just fine and the doctors are amazed at how quickly he is recovering. If it were up to him, he would make me post a picture of his nasty scar on his chest and tell you all the gory details of his recovery.

Doc thinks he should be home for Thanksgiving, Hooray! A great gift indeed.

Mr. Snoopy is listless, he wants Pop to come home soon!!( I think he just wants more cookies)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

hey peeps

( per a request, hers is a Snoopy Picture, look at all that hair, that pic is two years old too)

I will not be around much this weekend. My dad is ill andwill be having heart surgery tommorow.

So for you folks out that that pray, Please keep him in your prayers!
Mucho Appreciato

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ohh lala

Sorry for the sper close up of the girls. But I got my Raverly shirt in the mail on Thursday so here I am sporting it!

And then on Friday I took a crazy pill and went tothe hair salon. She ended up taking off 9 inches.
Now if you are a reader of my blog you already know that I take horrible picuturesso bear with me here..

ohh how cute! I love it !
Now be sure to visit Knit Witz this weekend. I heard a rumor that Knit Witz is turning three this week, and something special might be happening. Stay tuned here, or check out the stores web site.
I will be sporting my Ravlery shirt and working on a sweater or on some Ornaments from our Heifer Project at the shop. Can't wait to see you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

my desire...

I Love Mike Rowe..... but seriously back to todays topic.
my Desire......

"To be crazy like a bag of wet weasels"
The Harlot

Have you seen her most awesome "unoriginal" hat pattern. Read her HERE, and if you don't, then I might just call you....a communist.

I have been in a full rush of sweater knitting to the tune of, " Just keep knitting, Just keep knitting" ( from just keep swimming from Finding Nemo)

Pictures to come one day.. I hope. Also look for a blog full of yarn pron.

Let's hope my Ravelry shirt is in my mailbox when I get home!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holy Cow Batman!

Lots of pictures today, Hope you enjoy.

Today I received an awesome package from my pal Crafty Librarian for the Monkey Sock Swap! She did kick ass job on the socks she knitted and I loved every single thing in my package. Above and way beyond.

I heart her!

First off, we have my Monkey Socks! They fit beyond perfect. And the Colorway is gorgeous!

The package, pre-opening. Cute Paper!

Snoop was kind enough to pose for some pictures

Awesome hand made Orange and Blue Stitch Markers!

The package was so pretty. I opened each piece so slowly in anticipation.

Monkey post card, Little writing goodies, and some super cute correspondence treats!
I also received a Cookie A Pattern I wanted and some new yarn. My favorite kind of yarn in the most awesome of colors.
This girl is winning the way into my heart!
She also knitted a little Monkey which is the only toy Snoopy has ever shown interest in, but its MINE MINE MINE!
A great end to what had been an average day! Thanks Charlie!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Wednesday, Movie time!

so today I have a picture for your viewing pleasure. And a movie too!! Turn up your sound!

Nothing new here. Wait, I lie, a table at work fell and tried to crush my foot at work on Tuesday. X-rays say I am ok, once all the colorwork shows up, I will post some pics, but not today. SO Lucky you.

I am hoping that a Florida/Georgia Ticket will magically appear for me this Saturday but methinks not.

Snoopy Love Malabrigo yarn! Scary for me, cause I love it too, esp when he leaves it alone. As I was working on my new sweater snoops had to get in the way. His punishment was to wear the sweater.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baby it's cold......

No where around Florida, that much is for sure. But I am getting ready for it if it ever happens. Missy, Sue, Becky, Mary and myself took the first of three sweater classes with the lovely KATHE teaching, learning how to make a Raglan sweater. It was a lot of fun once I quit being grumpy ( or when Missy and I ran and grabbed a bite to eat from the joint next door.) I love the Malabrigo I picked out.
This is of my gal Missy and myself at the class yesterday! How can a hippy chick and a country chick get along I ask you? Beats me but I heart this crazy nut.

Later peeps

Monday, October 15, 2007

new stuff to show off!

Ok I completed three scarves this weekend. Snoopywas kind enough to pose again, but he needed several treats in order to get him through it.

Mom was kind enough to sew this -----> for me. I am participating in the Monkey Sock exchange, this is just one of the goodies. It is the perfect size for a traveling sock project!!!

Now for some personal bidness. I love this yarn. I can not wait to start knitting it up.. Sadly, Friday is so far away, SO here is Fishy Wishy in a Dishy. I love Etsy.

See ya'll later this week!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sock Completed

I completed my first Toe up magic loop sock last night!

I think it came out ok. I can't get over how huge it looks but it fits A-Ok.

And for your enjoyment here is a Snoopy pic.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

nothing new here

Still no new Dirty Jobs. Maybe soon we shall see Mike accomplish some new feat, until then I will supply some eye candy.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Felted Baglet Class

Look! Its my favorite Beagle posing again.... He was NOT happy either. ( on the movie front we film soon... any location requests?)

I took the Felted Baglet class today at the shop. I love felting . I have been a big fan of felting almost from the moment I started knitting. My first felted item was the Booga Bag. I think a lot of people make the Booga bag for their first felted item, its easy and your learn for to do new stuff but on to today....
Today we learned Applied I-Cord which we used binding off. Then we learned how to do a pocket. This was really neat as we knitted with waste yarn for a bit and had to go back and pick it out then we worked those stitched with some DPNS.

This was a quick knit for me today. I finished the bag at the store then came home to felt it. Here are some lovely pictures for your viewing Pleasure!

These pictures really do not show how cute this bag is. The pocket is just perfect. I love the colors.

I would totally recommend this class to anyone. If you have never felted anything before this is a great starter project, but its also great for long timer felters/ knitters who want to try to learn something new( the pocket ) DID I mention I just love the pocket?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's Time to Cast

Casting for the newest movie with SNoopy Van Gogh is now open.

Requirements: Ignoring the dirty room he lives in and giving him kisses.

Contact Kimber for info.

Producton begins this weekend!

On a real note I have ripped out 4 times for the Harvest Sock Swap. I was trucking along very well in my lastest sock only to be doing math today at work and figuring I will not have enough yarn. GO figure. So I shall recast on in another Yarn this evening. Unless I start drinking.

Now I have only cast on twice for my International Scarf. I ripped out last night, did some swatching on some new yarn and I liked what I had. There had better be some Law and Order SVU reruns on tonight so I can get some knitting done.

I'm off on Monday, anyone want to hang out?

Monday, October 1, 2007


My tilted duster is Complete!!! I finished it at the shop on Saturday, wove in all the end and had to model it for a crazy lady and her camera.

Once I block it, lose 10 pounds, get a tan, marry Mike Rowe, and find a cute undershirt, I will pose again for a better picture.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wips and FO's

First a WIP:

Here is my Tilted Duster from the Fall 07 Interweave Knits. It is in Malabrigo which I really am loving way to much.

As of Wednesday night I have to pick up for the collar and sew in the sleeves, as soon as I finish two more sets of repeats.

Now for a FO: I completed my Monkey Socks a few Days ago for the Monkey Sock Exchange, I am waiting to hear where in the world they shall go.
Snoopy of course was Kind enough to pose .
Have you joined Ravelry? Do I have you as a friend? I hope to see you soon on there

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Knitting Echanges~

I am in three right now, so here is an update:

1. Monkey Socks- socks completed, needing to pick up gifts.
2. International Scarf Exchange 5: I have a yarn in mind, just need a pattern to go with it.
3. Harvest Socks 07: I need to make my final decision on yarn/pattern this week. I have played with a couple so far, none are making me happy.

That's it for today kidlets,

DId you see the video of Snoopy? ( scroll down if you missed it)

Friday, September 21, 2007


I have occasionally popped over to to me-ander through pages of yarns and all things neato. Then I began a Quest for Orange and Blue Sock yarn. and I slow became obsessed.

Every person I have bought from has been super nice! THe transactions are as quick as could me ( with the excpetion of Paypal, that part takes a bit it feels)

SO head on over to and see what's going on.

I prewarn you to set a budget for yourself or you might have to skip a few lunches due to all niftiness over there.

Here are my favorite sellers so far: ( I got some awesome Pirate knitting needle cases. LOVE IT) <> (Found some Kick Arse Gator Earrings, GO FLorida Gators, plus a local artist) ( more hand dyed yarns! Yummy!) ( Fabulous pictures for sale here! )

Tata for now! .


Thursday, September 20, 2007

well well well

lets see if this video works!

I was curious if this video would load or not. If it does, this is Snoopy my dog, making his bed for the first time this evening. I eventually had to stop filming because I knew he would jsut keep at it for a while.

Hope everyone enjoys!


I now need to figure out lighting on my new camera. and my apologies to all for the messiness of my room. and sorry if this is a boring video. Everyone must start somewhere !!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pirate Day

Yes, yes it finally came. and like all things I build up in my mind, it was not the best of days.

It started getting nutty when people from an AA people kept popping in my office asking where the bathroom was, I am not a tour guide. Then there we stupid parents and of course the moment when my boss called me fat. But I digress
Back to Pirates.

The UPS Man gota big kick when I oped the door and started talking in Pirate Speak, to which he responded in like kind. Some of the parents thought it was funny, all the kids loved it.

and of course to Snoopy, it's always Pirate Day!
I am super excited to be casting on for some new socks. On Friday is the first day of Fall/Autumn? Harvesty Time. I will be casting on for some new Socks on dpns.
That's all I have tonight. In the land of rain, Snoopy and I are still waiting for my camera, and the ribbing for my Tilted Duster is taking for-ev-er!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Tuesday and .....

To amuse myself at work while waiting impatiently to both, go home and knit on my Tilted Duster and also wait on my new camera, Here Is the every so GORGEOUS -- Mike Rowe. New Dirty Jobs on tonight kids. SO from 8-10 I will not be on the phone. I will be watching Mike learn something new and hoping he will take off his shirt.
Oh Come ON, you want that too.