Friday, September 21, 2007


I have occasionally popped over to to me-ander through pages of yarns and all things neato. Then I began a Quest for Orange and Blue Sock yarn. and I slow became obsessed.

Every person I have bought from has been super nice! THe transactions are as quick as could me ( with the excpetion of Paypal, that part takes a bit it feels)

SO head on over to and see what's going on.

I prewarn you to set a budget for yourself or you might have to skip a few lunches due to all niftiness over there.

Here are my favorite sellers so far: ( I got some awesome Pirate knitting needle cases. LOVE IT) <> (Found some Kick Arse Gator Earrings, GO FLorida Gators, plus a local artist) ( more hand dyed yarns! Yummy!) ( Fabulous pictures for sale here! )

Tata for now! .


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Kathy said...

Darn you! lol I already love Etsy for all the cool crochet patterns. Now I need stuff from Granny's Closet! :)