Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pirate Day

Yes, yes it finally came. and like all things I build up in my mind, it was not the best of days.

It started getting nutty when people from an AA people kept popping in my office asking where the bathroom was, I am not a tour guide. Then there we stupid parents and of course the moment when my boss called me fat. But I digress
Back to Pirates.

The UPS Man gota big kick when I oped the door and started talking in Pirate Speak, to which he responded in like kind. Some of the parents thought it was funny, all the kids loved it.

and of course to Snoopy, it's always Pirate Day!
I am super excited to be casting on for some new socks. On Friday is the first day of Fall/Autumn? Harvesty Time. I will be casting on for some new Socks on dpns.
That's all I have tonight. In the land of rain, Snoopy and I are still waiting for my camera, and the ribbing for my Tilted Duster is taking for-ev-er!

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