Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was thinking today, with what was left of my braincells on a Wednesday evening, where was I on Ravelry.

SO I checked.

And there are a whopping 1074 people in front of me! Hooray!

I checked not even 5 days ago and there were a lot more. So I am happy, they seem to be working at a faster pace.

Have you join up yet?

BTW I do feel super bad for the 18976 people behind me.
Enjoy the lovely Mike Rowe, I certainly do.


Kathe said...

I want to thank you, Kim, for introducing me to the beautiful overwhelming, self-deprecating, shirtless, blue-eyed hotness that is Mr. Mike Rowe. Should you ever receive your heart's desire and win him for your very own, I simply ask that I be invited over for dinner every now and then to hear him speak. Sigh.

TeresaB said...

If I had a barn, he could muck it out and I would even stand and watch...especially if he was shirtless and recited anything while doing the job. And I mean anything, including the dictionary!

On a Ravelry note...make sure you find me when you get in, which shouldn't be too long. I want to be your friend!

Knit Kimber Knit said...

Sure thing, you can always come over for dinner. Of course he will be shirtless for our enjoyment. Hope that is ok with you Kathe.

As soon as I get the invite you will be the first I add Teresa!

The Guerilla Knitter said...

Oh Kim, I know that we were destined to meet.. what with the turtles, and now Mike Rowe... On my honeymoon, my husband and I went out of our way to get to the candy shop in PA where he made the chocolate poo and he sang the opera. We bought Mike Rowe masks!!!
With Ravelry.. I still have 8045 people in front of me... boo! I feel like I have been waiting forever to get into this exclusive club...