Monday, October 15, 2007

new stuff to show off!

Ok I completed three scarves this weekend. Snoopywas kind enough to pose again, but he needed several treats in order to get him through it.

Mom was kind enough to sew this -----> for me. I am participating in the Monkey Sock exchange, this is just one of the goodies. It is the perfect size for a traveling sock project!!!

Now for some personal bidness. I love this yarn. I can not wait to start knitting it up.. Sadly, Friday is so far away, SO here is Fishy Wishy in a Dishy. I love Etsy.

See ya'll later this week!


TeresaB said...

Love the scarf that Snoopy's wearing. Ohh and that yarn looks downright yummy.

Julia said...

Drat! I just wrote a long comment and it got deleted somehow.
Anyway, i got my Monkey package!! Thank you so much! I love that your *mom* made the little monkey sweet. And I *really* love the Monkeys in Colinette! Yum! I'm wearing them right now and they fit great. Thank you!! I'll post them on my blog when I get some spare time. Oh, and I wish Snoopy came in my package... ;) I love the picture of him with sock, what a sweet face.