Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holy Cow Batman!

Lots of pictures today, Hope you enjoy.

Today I received an awesome package from my pal Crafty Librarian for the Monkey Sock Swap! She did kick ass job on the socks she knitted and I loved every single thing in my package. Above and way beyond.

I heart her!

First off, we have my Monkey Socks! They fit beyond perfect. And the Colorway is gorgeous!

The package, pre-opening. Cute Paper!

Snoop was kind enough to pose for some pictures

Awesome hand made Orange and Blue Stitch Markers!

The package was so pretty. I opened each piece so slowly in anticipation.

Monkey post card, Little writing goodies, and some super cute correspondence treats!
I also received a Cookie A Pattern I wanted and some new yarn. My favorite kind of yarn in the most awesome of colors.
This girl is winning the way into my heart!
She also knitted a little Monkey which is the only toy Snoopy has ever shown interest in, but its MINE MINE MINE!
A great end to what had been an average day! Thanks Charlie!

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Kathe said...

Super cool stuff from your fellow monkey - congratulations! The socks look wonderful, and I really want to see that little knit monkey!