Saturday, October 6, 2007

Felted Baglet Class

Look! Its my favorite Beagle posing again.... He was NOT happy either. ( on the movie front we film soon... any location requests?)

I took the Felted Baglet class today at the shop. I love felting . I have been a big fan of felting almost from the moment I started knitting. My first felted item was the Booga Bag. I think a lot of people make the Booga bag for their first felted item, its easy and your learn for to do new stuff but on to today....
Today we learned Applied I-Cord which we used binding off. Then we learned how to do a pocket. This was really neat as we knitted with waste yarn for a bit and had to go back and pick it out then we worked those stitched with some DPNS.

This was a quick knit for me today. I finished the bag at the store then came home to felt it. Here are some lovely pictures for your viewing Pleasure!

These pictures really do not show how cute this bag is. The pocket is just perfect. I love the colors.

I would totally recommend this class to anyone. If you have never felted anything before this is a great starter project, but its also great for long timer felters/ knitters who want to try to learn something new( the pocket ) DID I mention I just love the pocket?

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Missy said...

Super cute baglet! And super cute Snoopy!