Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Wednesday, Movie time!

so today I have a picture for your viewing pleasure. And a movie too!! Turn up your sound!

Nothing new here. Wait, I lie, a table at work fell and tried to crush my foot at work on Tuesday. X-rays say I am ok, once all the colorwork shows up, I will post some pics, but not today. SO Lucky you.

I am hoping that a Florida/Georgia Ticket will magically appear for me this Saturday but methinks not.

Snoopy Love Malabrigo yarn! Scary for me, cause I love it too, esp when he leaves it alone. As I was working on my new sweater snoops had to get in the way. His punishment was to wear the sweater.

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TeresaB said...

Silly Snoopy, at least after all that you should lay on the blanket. Hope your FL/GA ticket magically appears...if I knew the correct spell for that I'd let you know. I'll be in that other town, hoping for at least a win for Homecoming.