Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Keith Urban Concert

I went with a girlfriend of mine to the Keith Urban concert this past Friday. Our tickets were on the 4th row and the couple to my right were great. Kinda quiet ( till I got her screaming with me lol) but they were not drinking and were cool about me getting past them and up close to the stage, esp when I dragged her with me.

(Now for the topless girl who was to my left, when I told you get put them away and get some class I meant it. Do you think your grandmother would be proud of you?)

He played a great concert,really geared towards the fans. He interacted well with us. I personally like it when at concerts the artist will share stories of how they wrote songs, or crazy things that happen in concert when playing them and Keith didn't really do that, which is ok.

It was my goal to touch that man. And I DID!!!

So it was at the end of the concert, after the encore and he was right about to leave the stage after going all over, he looked at my area and headed over. I was standing at the guard rail with a death grip on it, in case some security dude wanted to move me, no way was I moving. He came right to me, looked down and I know I had to have the goofiest biggest smile on my face. I did a jump and reach, reached all the way out, as he said with a grin at me, "Hey". And I said, "HI!!"
(in my super squeaky voice I get when I am excited) and he grabbed my hand.

Then he moved on, knowing he had fulfilled something for me. HaHa. Anywho, I had an amazing time, I lost my voice from all the screaming.

I would like to thank the Awesome JSO for getting me and the gals I rode with Rock Star parking. Always a pleasure fellows, see you in January for another concert!!

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