Monday, December 10, 2007


I was amazed when I got home from work today to see my package from my friend who has been anonymous the past few months but who now has a name, Mathgirl!

Mathgirl, or Jenna sent me an awesome package. The most beautiful scarf in Cherry Tree Hill yarn. She also sent Snoopy some Busy Bones which are by far his most favorite. There was a cute little Freddie the frog( in which you place in water and watch him grow) some bath fuzzies and some Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn. I squeal led with glee when I opened my package.

Jenna has been a great swap pal this turn. She kept me posted with updates and comments on my blog and of course she seems to like Snoopy which is a HUGE + in my book.

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Mathgirl said...

"Seems" to "like" Snoopy? I TOTALLY HEART Snoopy is more like it! ;) I couldn't send you a package without something for such a cute little puppy such as Snoopy! I'm glad you love your scarf. I was hoping you'd appreciate something fun and funky in the colours and that it would be an appropriate thickness for somewhere muchos warmer than where I am :) If you check it out on my ravelry page, I don't know if I mentioned but there's also Shibui Knits in there. It's been so much fun knitting for you and I'm glad I don't have to keep remembering to be anonymous, lol. Enjoy the scarf!