Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ohh lala

Sorry for the sper close up of the girls. But I got my Raverly shirt in the mail on Thursday so here I am sporting it!

And then on Friday I took a crazy pill and went tothe hair salon. She ended up taking off 9 inches.
Now if you are a reader of my blog you already know that I take horrible picuturesso bear with me here..

ohh how cute! I love it !
Now be sure to visit Knit Witz this weekend. I heard a rumor that Knit Witz is turning three this week, and something special might be happening. Stay tuned here, or check out the stores web site.
I will be sporting my Ravlery shirt and working on a sweater or on some Ornaments from our Heifer Project at the shop. Can't wait to see you.


Kathe said...
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Kathe said...

Good grief, I can't type worth a darn tonight. Your hair looks totally shorter there than it did in person! No wonder you think your ponytail is only 3" long. Awesome for the mini-stocking. I hope people fight over it! I've got to make some wee things for the tree tomorrow. And your hair looks fabulous-er now. ;o)

Knit Kimber Knit said...

Thanks!!! Me likeee too

Ivan Ivanovich said...

Thanks for sharing your ringtone info, Kimber! The hair looks great. And you're right... Mike Rowe does know how to get dirty!