Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pass the Mashies please

I hope all of my friends out here who celebrate Thanksgiving, a happy one. I will be spending a good portion of the day with the family in dads hospital room, annoying him. Our Thanksgiving will be later on this weekend.

So today I have just a few pics to share with you. I finally got my greedy little hands on some Yarn Pirate sock yarn.( she still has some in her etsy shop)

And finally a story. On Tuesday I was leaving my Grandmas house around 9:20pm and I tripped down her stairs and hurt my ankle. I sucked it up and walked two cans of trash to the road on a cart only to get to the edge of the road.. and find a hole with the same foot and I ended up with a sprained ankle. It hurts like the dickens. But I should be on the healing road soon. Our final picture tonight is when I had the brilliant thought of taking a picture of 5:40 am . ( I had been up since 3:30am yuck-o-rama-!

Happy Gobble Day to all!


Mystery said...

Mmmm yarn pirate! Awww Snoopy! Booo ankle!
-ISE5 Pal

Kate said...

Yikes! Better knit a bigger sock to get over the swelling, lol. Seiously though, I hope you are feeling better and your dad is doing well.