Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've got stripes, stripes across my.... face?

I've got stripes, stripes across my... face? by knitkimberknit
I've got stripes, stripes across my... face?, a photo by knitkimberknit on Flickr.

** Nerd Alert**

Move over cowls and shawlettes, self striping socks are the new rage and I am a huge follower!

This cuff down sock I am knitting on US 1 needles is made out of Twisted Limone Designs yarn. She is over is in UK and dyes up some gorgeous yarn.

I am enamored by the stripes. I find myself thinking, "I am going going to knit to the end of this stripe then stop, but I keep knitting.

I am also giving the after-thought heel a try. I will be using the Knitgirllls tutorial for it. I have already knitted one after thought heel, and was kind of iffy whether I liked it or not (that is more an issue with the yarn I was using at the time).

For those that are not familiar with the after thought heel, here is a brief explanation.

As you are knitting your sock, regardless if it is cuff down or toe up, when you come to the point where you would start the process for your heel. you knit across half your stitches with waste yarn, then you go back to your working yarn and continue knitting the rest of your sock. When you go back to do the heel, you work a little magic and basically decrease like you would the toe of a sock.

My problem is that I can not wrap my head around is the placement of the waste yarn. Meh, no biggie, i will figure it out eventually. or have someone draw a line on my foot to tell me where it needs to go.

Now, go buy some yarn! (So I won't have to)