Monday, March 19, 2007

knittin fool

I am on a HUGE sock craze~ From what the gals at my LYS tell me, everyone else is too.I am cranking these things out it seems about a pair a week. I can stop using sharp tiny pointy needles. And I am addicted to Lorna's Laces and more expensively, Jitterbug. YUM YUM.

I am greatly looking forward to participating in the International Scarf Exchange, I was all over the registration for it. I cant wait to see who I get and get down to knittin for them. Truth be told, I am a little lost on all I will need to do besides the knitting so time will tell at how good I am at posting on schedule and all that great stuff.

* Podcast alert *

I am currently addicted to Carry's Podcast, Please take time to check it out. I love her stories!!

That's all for n0w. Hope ya'll have a rockin day!

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