Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monkey sock swap package!! Love it~

Wednesday night I got home after working and spending some much needed time at my LYS (I did finish a sock wee!)
Anywho I got home to see a package had arrived for me!! All kinds of treats were inside!

a Super Cute Stuffed Monkey, snackies oh Yum!, a Barrel Full of monkey games/candy,a Monkey wallet (which couldnt have come at a better time a need a little wallet for this weekend), monkey tissues, the Red Thread Socks Pattern which I have been coveting for a LONG time, beautiful Sock Yarn and the socks. Monkeys socks in the most awesome blue/ purpley Wollmeise yarn. Which I couldnt stop petting.
They fit perfectly too!!!

Thank you so much KitchKnits, I love love LOVE it all!!!

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