Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The awesomeness of Lorna's Laces

I love Lorna's laces yarn. I horde my skeins of Bullfrogs and Butterflies like a squirrel does his acorns & nuts. I have their sock yarn in tons of colors, but not my most favorite color combination in the world, Orange and Blue.

I was shocked to see someone on Ravelry who had Orange and Blue Lorna's Laces!!! I never knew they had that colorway. I begged the person for two skeins or even just 1 from their stash. No go. She wouldn't give it up. I called the store where she bought it from and they were all out and didn't know when they would get more in.

I asked my most favorite yarn stores, Hanks in Gainesville, Fl to ask around for me, still a no go.

Then I got an email from the Loopy Ewe. They had Team Colors in stock. "Team Colors," I thought I had better check it out.

And there sat the yarn. There was a golden halo around it as it called to me. Then i was signed in buying and paying for it within,oh, 2 nano-seconds. I don't even recall sending the send payment button.

The colors are great but what else can you expect from Lorna's Laces??

I lurve it so.


idyllicchick said...

Yay! I'm so glad you found it!

Daniele said...

Very cool! I wonder what "team" it was for? I think those could be Cleveland Cavaliers colors, but I'm not sure. Go you!!