Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Go Gators

Go Gators
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The First game of the season will be starting this Saturday which meant I needed to finish up my Gator Yarn. Now all I need is the perfect pattern for it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gator Yarn!

Gator Yarn!
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It almost Gator Football Season kids. Now I Know many of my friends, ( Teresa and Jackie ) will root for that other team, the Noles I am a Gator Girl. My gal pal, dyed up this roving for me earlier this year and it has been patiently waiting for me to be inspired.

Last night I plied it up, completely filling up one bobbin and will have to empty that one today and fill it up again!! The colors are gorgeous and I think this is how I set up my Kate. Like my favorite blogger and the queen of us lowly knitters says, "I do not call it a lazy kate" I can not seem to find any instructions on how to set it up. it seemed to work ok like this last night.

Pics within a few days of the finished yarn.

But first a weather report.. .... .....
Tropical storm/ Hurricane / what ever it is FAY, at the moment looks like it is going to hit Florida a 3rd time right around my house. Updates as they happen.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are you still checking your boobs?

Aunt Lisa's High School graduation photo.

today is never an easy day for me.

I normally take off today to spend it quietly reflecting on life. However I worked a half day today and that seemed to make the day got a little better , perhaps because it wasn't on the fore-front of my mind.
I am keeping this a short post. Please check your boobs, have a loved one feel you up (this means boys get felt up too) do what it takes to get checked.