Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Get your boobs checked.

What is it about August 14th that makes the day so hard for me?
Let me tell you.

on August 14, 1999 my Aunt Elisa ( pronounced Lisa) passed away from Breast Cancer. She was 35 years old. She fought it twice and it came back a third time with a vengeance, going to her lungs. I visited her the summer she left us, not near enough as I wished I had. I know that people probably aren't supposed to have favorite aunts and uncles ( like parents having favorite kids) but she was mine.

I remember how she would play with me, having little tea parties, or that we would color, or make little crafts. I truly believe that it is because of her that I love crafting. We would swing and play dress up, everything a girl loves to do , she was down with.

What else, as I grew older we grew closer. She would come over to my house and we would talk in my room. She loved looking at the posters I had up on the walls and talking gossip about whatever. She helped me get ready for Homecoming one year and that was the best one I ever went to.

She had this mad black hair. It was curly and wavy and gorgrous. I remember her telling me a story from when she was working and had recently shaved her hair because of the chemo.
she said that" She was in the bathroom at work , primping before she went back to her desk, and some ladies came in and started complaining that they could never get thier hair to do what they wanted. Aunt Lisa pulled off her wig and offered it to the ladies to try on. The ladies seemed to have no complaints after that."
( of course it was funnier when she told it)

I love to collect frogs and she absolutely LOVED finding me all kinds of frog things. I have stuffed animal frogs, bean bag frogs, frogs knitting ( how she knew I would become a knitter way back then.....) frogs carved from cow bones, all kinds. I used to wait for my birthday and for Christmas to see what she had found for me.

When she first got cancer, we rallied around her and helped her as best we could. When she had her mastectomies I decorated a box for her, and stitched up a pillow for her new fake boobies ( as we called them) sit rest on at night.

That summer would be her last we all knew it. I couldn't and refused to accept it. I would go and visit with her just sit by her and breathe her in. I would make her laugh at silly jokes I told and smiled when she whispered secrets to me.

When she passed away my heart broke and shattered. I was inconsolable. It hurts to this day. Somedays I think I see her in a sunset or when a butterfly lands on me.

I always try to do something fun on August 14th. I have a great group of friends that I try to get with. Today I spent it with someone I care for greatly and that has made me happier.

Please, get your girls checked. Have your man do it for you, they won't mind trust me. If you don't have a fellow go to the doctor, and DO IT YOURSELF AT HOME. Men can get Breast Cancer too, so check their boobs! Make a game of it, get it done. We do not need to lose anymore women or men to this disease.

Thanks for reading, sometimes a gal needs to blog on and on and get stuff out. I hope I didn't drag you down. If I seem down, make me smile please!

Oh and if anyone is interested I would love to get a group of friends together to do the Komen Race for the Cure this fall. Anyone else interested let me know!!!!!!

We could walk and Knit! Knit Caps for chemo patients! There's a idea!


Kathe said...

Count me in on that race. As long as I can bring yarn and it isn't too hot. And I don't have to actually *run*? The walking I can do! You did make me cry, dude. But it's okay - there's no such thing as time in Heaven and we'll all be a mere step behind those who go before us. Imagine the party!

Ivan Ivanovich said...

Checking my man-boobs right now! Love that graphic of Frederico the... alpaca? Or is he a llama?