Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Sock Swap Time!

I am joining a new sock swap boys and gals, and it looks to be mighty fun!

The Harvest Sock Swap 2007 is starting up in September, what a great way to knit through those back to school blues.

Go here, to read up on all the specifics, but I think it should be loads of fun!

I also want to sign up for the next Socktoberfest! Does anyone know if they will be having one of these this year and when it starts up???

By the way, In going along with checking your boobs, if any of y'all have an inkling to knit caps for chemo patients, let me know I am going to start making some myself!! We could get together & knit them or send them off together!

Thanks folks, have a happy Sunday!

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