Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sea Witch

seawitch by knitkimberknit
seawitch, a photo by knitkimberknit on Flickr.

Thank you for your kids words about Snoopy. He was well loved and loved well. I think I will post some of my favorite photos of him from time to time on here, and more of Mo as well.

Monday was my Birthday and it was great, we went out to dinner and played some Rolling Stones Pinball. Over the weekend I saw some dear friends on Saturday and spent much needed time with my fellow and watched more Doctor Who. I am addicted to Doctor Who. Tennant is my Doctor, who is yours?
I have also been spinning a ton lately. Above is Seawitch, the name was inspired by an older Pinball Machine of the same name. I am looking forward to trying new fibers this year and revisiting others I had little success with in the past, like silk. But I'll think about that tomorrow.

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NerdGirl said...

Sea Witch is very pretty. I admire your spinning skills. I do watch Doctor Who occasionally and although I couldn't imagine ever loving a Doctor more than Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant more than won me over. Tenth Doctor for the win!