Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sock in progress

Sock in progress by knitkimberknit
Sock in progress, a photo by knitkimberknit on Flickr.

I am a BBQ and sweet tea kind of gal. Simple food makes me happy. Every week for the past 7+ years I hit the local bbq joint for lunch. I know all the folks that work there they are super nice and treat me just right.

While waiting for a sweet tea this week, I decided to do some decorating. the Second sock I just started fits perfectly over Mr. Pigs ear, however the finished sock was too heavy and needed to rest.

The best thing, not one employee blinked an eye at me. A few chuckles and compliments on my sock.

In case you are curious Sock Pattern :Yarn Harlot Vanilla Sock Yarn: Fibernymph Bounce base in the Good and Plenty Colorway. Needles: US 1

I LOVE the fabric this yarn makes and I am really flying through this pair.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sea Witch

seawitch by knitkimberknit
seawitch, a photo by knitkimberknit on Flickr.

Thank you for your kids words about Snoopy. He was well loved and loved well. I think I will post some of my favorite photos of him from time to time on here, and more of Mo as well.

Monday was my Birthday and it was great, we went out to dinner and played some Rolling Stones Pinball. Over the weekend I saw some dear friends on Saturday and spent much needed time with my fellow and watched more Doctor Who. I am addicted to Doctor Who. Tennant is my Doctor, who is yours?
I have also been spinning a ton lately. Above is Seawitch, the name was inspired by an older Pinball Machine of the same name. I am looking forward to trying new fibers this year and revisiting others I had little success with in the past, like silk. But I'll think about that tomorrow.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello friends

ROAR by knitkimberknit
ROAR, a photo by knitkimberknit on Flickr.

It's been an interesting few months for me. I won some great ribbons at the Fair in November, spent time with my friends and family over the Holidays and have been spinning lots of pretty yarns.

Most importantly, my dearest friend, my confidante Snoopy Van Gogh passed away right before Christmas. He had been ill for a while and took a sudden turn. Dozens of times throughout each day, I think of him, look for him, wait for him to burp or do puppy wiggles. It's been rough, but I have Mo to snuggle with, and great friends and family to help me.

That is all I have for now, talk to you guys soon!