Saturday, June 30, 2007

Say What?

Lookie Lookie!

I won Silly Hat night, at my favorite place to be, Knit Witz! If you go here, you shall have the opportunity to read a blog and see my winning creation!

I have also completed sock I of Monkey Socks. The second sock is being quite arsey as of late, but I am going to finish that boogar this week, I tell you what.

Enjoy photo of completed sock here, as feel free to leave a comment. I fear I am the only reader of my blog :(

Everyone be safe this weekend.

ps, like my quilt, I designed it myself!


Lynn said...

Hi! I saw your sock posted on the Grey's blog and wanted to comment not only on your socks (they look fabulous!), but also your quilt! It looks alot like the one I have and wanted to know where you got the pattern from. Little did I realize you designed it yourself!! Great job!

Kathe said...

Not the only one who reads it... congrats on the silly hat, Kim! Woohoo!

rincaro said...

Goober. Of course we read you. And Snoopy is so cute. We should get him and Rufus together to play!