Monday, July 2, 2007

Just now

I have decided that once a week I shall have a Mandatory Posting of a cute picture of the yarn stealer that I share my living space with, Mr. Snoopy Van Gogh.

Snoopy was a homeless puppy that was living with some homeless men onthe westside of the town i live in. A lady that rescues animals saw him with these men for a couple of says in a row, then decided to talk to them, she ended up leaving with Snoopy and got him all healthy.

It was about a month later, that me and MR. EX were out killing time one weekend when we came across a pet adoption fair at a local Pet Smart and were looking at pets. Someone was looking at Snoopy and he was so cute but this other lady was all gushing over him so I walked past him. Mr. EX called out to me that the dog was following me.

I turned around, looked down and fell in love!

Snoopy joined our family three days later, and he came with me when I moved away. He is a great dog and a wonderful friend to have. He is a tear licker, hug acceptor,watermelon eating, pillow stealing furry friend.

So enjoy todays photo of Snoopy (actually it was taken last week) and look for more to come.


Kathe said...

Snoopy so rocks! Gotta LOVE a dog who follows you - Walker followed me, too. Out of his entire litter, he followed me to the door and 4 weeks later he came home for keeps. Still follows me around...especially when I've got food. Weird how dogs know who their people are and we still can't figure it out!

TutleyMutley said...

Dogs just pour on the unconditional love, don't they?!
Snoopy is gorgeous...