Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dear Yarn Harlot

Florida is very fun.

We have the following that can be enjoyed in any season, with or without your family members:

1. Knit Witz Yarn Shop. It is THE place to be, here in Jacksonville, Florida. It has all a girl can ask for ( Yarn, comfy chairs, a swift and ball winder, more fabulous yarn, roving, and a whole gaggle of people that love and adore you. We would even order those Cheese curdy things for you)

2. The ocean. It is pretty and shark free( I will personally make sure of that)

3. Ok yes in central Florida there is Disney, Universal, Sea World, and tons of fun dining.

4. Now closer to KNIT WITZ ( great name don't you think?) WE have a BOAT LOAD of fun things to do, The Beach is 20 minutes away, then there is Saint Augustine. I personally love to go here, but if that's not your cup o tea you can tour a Fort, visit the Oldest School house, walk down Saint George Street, take a Carriage ride, take a Ghost Tour, visit the Fountain of Youth, etc.

OK. I know I am not the only person who will be having a hard time coming to see you in Atlanta. WE would love to have you come down here and enjoy some fine southern eating. I am prepared to pull out the big guns like..... Chocolate, there is a moan worthy chocolate store down the street. I will throw down for some goodies for you.

Please keep us sweet southern gals here in Florida in your thoughts. We won't serve your grits unless you request them. There will be no peanuts in your pop, soda, coke, whichever you prefer to call it. Tea! I can get you some snazzy tea.

Please Yarn Goddess next time the Harlot drops a stitch or she thinks why am I here, put bug in here ear, to come here.

Yours in wool heaven,


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Kathe said...

Rock on, Kim! Excellent reasons all for a Pearl-McPhee visit. And it's even 74 degrees year-round here. Well, inside it is!