Friday, July 20, 2007


So here I am, battling a migraine and I realize in my boredom that I haven't posted a Snoopy story this week.

On Thursday Snoopy insisted on going with me to Publix( local grocery stores ). I managed to get some pics of him as he was enjoying himself. First he tried to take over the driving position,( as you see above) but when I reminded him of his lack of thumbs, he moved over to the stick your head out of the window position.

for some reason the pictures are out of order and are also in the wrong location. by frankly my head is pounding way too much for me to do squat about it.

Kimber out

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rincaro said...

Well I guess it's good we didn't call to check on you last night. We were gonna and then someone suggested you skipped because you were coming tonight. Poor Kim. I'm hope you're better in time for tonight!!