Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still Kicking

The blog has been silent for way too long.
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I really think that Ravelry has become my new blog. I update projects and add friends and stalk friends pages.... I have also been out and about a lot in the past two months. I have gotten over the need to hide in the cell of my room and now I want to smell the sweet spring air and do fun things.

Earlier this month my dear friend Tricia and I went to an event called Guns and Hoses where local police officers box local firemen. Proceeds go to local charities and a good time is almost had by all.

The next day another friend of mine and I drove down to Palatka to visit the Ravine Garden State Park and then went over to the Azalea Festival. Palatka is a small town and one can clearly see how much they look forward to this time every year.

Off the needles are dads Christmas socks. It took over three months to get them finished, I had no idea he has size 13 EEE feet when I started them. He had better treasure them too!I would like to try and make the 2ND socks that I have avoided making for near a year. I have some Embossed leaves, Monkeys, and others needing a mate. Yet the urge to cast on something brand new and shiny is so, so strong.

Please check out my Flickr page, I take pics a lot more with my nice and shiny new camera and whether the pics turn out good or bad they end up there.

Peace out!


Jackie said...

You have been silent for too long! The azaleas are beautiful and I'm sure Guns and Hoses was a blast!

Brennee said...

Always enjoy your blog, Kimber, glad to see your post. I DID go to your flicker page, wanted to see more flower photos...lovely! Um...what on earth is up with that giant cocoon? I'm scared...world's largets spider in there or what? (We didn't have those in Ca.)

Daniele said...

My son also has size 13 feet. Those socks took forever!!

Love the spring flowers. :)