Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Alive!

What have I been up to lately?

Knit in Public Day was a wonderful success. We raised $320.00 for Hubbard House, a local Domestic Violence Shelter. Picnicknits aka Corrina and I delivered the money last week to them. I was so amazed at all they do for everyone who stays there. I was thrilled that we selected the right people to support.

That being said, if you are coming to the next Jax Ravelers get together on the 28, bring some canned food if you don't mind. All food Hubbard House receives comes from local donations and I think everyone has some green beans in their cupboard. Corrina and I are ready to make another trip over there with some goodies.

I have been spinning a lot. Seaglass is I think the best I have ever spun. It is a two ply sport weight. I took my time during the plying and it really shows. It came out to be 320 yarns of lovely yarn that Someone loved so it is now hers.

On the needles are still Dad's Christmas socks, a sock pattern I am test knitting, and squares for my Barn Raising quilt. I do have several other things on the needles but we won't speak of them now will we? No we won't.

Last weekend I went to the Alpaca Expo at the Equestrian Center here in town. Alpacas from all over the USA were in down being judged. It was more of a breeder thing as almost no one had any fiber for sale but I still scored some very beautiful black Alpaca from Crystal Springs Alpacas. I am going to hide it and wait till I become a wee better spinner before I spin that up. So Soft and lovely.

That is all I have for you kids today, Till next time!


Ian said...

Alpacas are so cute! :-)

Jackie said...

What a cute face!

I love your yarn! Your spinning skillz are growing like mad!