Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diego Woodline

Diego Woodline
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Today's photo is of a handspun yarn I did for a sweet gal over on Ravelry. This is called Diego Woodline from my “company” Palm Valley Fiber.

It was a lot of fun to spin with the colors constantly changing it is almost 300 yards of Merino Sliver. Oh and the picture was taken before I set the twist so that is why is it kinky in the upper left of the skein.

On the knitting front, I casted on for a sock called " A Roll in the Hay" It is a really beautiful sock from the book, Joy of Sox. Unfortunately I cannot wrap my around the pattern. It took me a good 30 minutes to complete a single row of 68 stitches. I put it in time out and the next night I yanked the stitches off the needles and cast of for a completely different sock in some Jitterbug. Because Jitterbug makes everything better.

So I now have about 5 socks on the needles (that I can think of) and am fighting the old urge of casting on for more.

The pups are getting along better each day which makes me very happy. Mo & Snoopy chase each other around the house every night, and they have worked up to laying next to each other on my couch for about a 4 minute time span.

What would ya'll like next time? Pup or yarn pictures?

Later Gators!


Monika said...

I love the book Joy of Socks! I'm knitting Puppy Love right now.
It's a very hard choice between yarn/puppy photos, give us both! :o)

idyllicchick said...

How about pictures of puppies lying in yarn? Or wrapped in yarn? Or puppies wearing handknit sweaters? I guess what I'm saying is that my answer is puppies *and* yarn. Yes please.

Shevon said...

Puppies and yarn please!

Hate when I can't get the hang of a pattern. If you can keep at it, bet you can show that yarn who's boss.