Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunset highway

sunset highway
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No knitting or dog pictures today!

This picture I snapped with my iPhone when I was on my way to knit night or BBQ night, who knows. I love sunsets, it is my favorite time of day and I couldn't let this one get away from me

Today I worked at my local LYS which I just love. I get to help people and when I see that little spark pop in their eye when something clicks makes my day. Plus who wouldn't love to work with yarn ???

There is nothing new off or on the needles however I have some yarn getting ready to come off the bobbin on the wheel, Woodstock. Yes, my wheel is named Woodstock. I have a Snoopy so I needed a Woodstock.

I did want to give a movie review. I recently watched, bought and have watched several times since Thursday the movie is Whip It. It is a movie about a high schooler who joins a Roller Derby team. It not only has great music, a good story, its ROLLER DERBY, I think its great. Maybe a parent should watch it first though, there is a mild scene that is a little... well out there. It is rated 13 and I recommend giving it a try. Let me know what you think of it.

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idyllicchick said...

I love Whip It! Love it to pieces! It's my new go-to movie.