Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mo the terminator

Mo the terminator
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Mo man is cute as ever. His personality really fits in with our family. He loves almost everyone and loves to gives hugs.

He is hard to photograph though. I was able to have him pose with a lot of teasing of treats.

Mo's likes: Chasing crickets, vanilla ice cream, Ruffles chips, kisses, belly rubs and chasing squirrels.

Mo's dislikes: a late dinner time, missing naps, turtles and toys out of his reach.

Currently he can sit when asked and we are working very hard on Shake. He only falls over a little bit now when we try Shake.


Jackie said...

He's cute! Kenzie doesn't photograph well because she has a dark face like Mo. She also doesn't like to sit still.

Brenda and Justine said...

Holy cow, is he ever cute!