Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Etsy Sellers

I love Etsy. I love being able to search for specific items and being able to find them quickly. I like to buy from Indie Dyers there of sock yarn and roving.

I like to randomly search a few times a week for color combinations that I like, add them to my favorites and check to see if they are sold on me.

and now begins my rant.

Dear Etsy Seller,

I will not name your name. I have not bought from you before nor will I be unless you drop your shipping price. I was curious as to why you sell a skein of dyed sock that that is over 430 yards for a measly $10.50. The colors where very beautiful and I had it added to my favorites list quickly.

Then I checked the price of shipping. at $6.50 I was a little flabbergasted. I understand why you priced your yarn so low for you to jack your shipping so high. Will you be giving me a tracking number and have it insured? Will it be encased in a bubble of air from the Arctic? I don't understand how your shipping could be so high. Yes you are in the United States as am I.
Explain yourself.
Or You could simply tack on the price of shipping to your total and be done with it. I wouldn't questions that at all.

Your Truly,

Avid Etsy buyer/ stalker


TheHomeBody said...

That's funny! Well, let me promise you that when I list my hand dyed sock yarn on etsy, it will have a fair shipping price - the price I expect it will really cost to ship ($4.80) In reality, I think a lot of sellers figure shipping cost + listing and paypal fees then stick it all in the shipping.

Carissa said...

Some sellers also list their product low and jack their shipping high since they are only charged fees on what the product sells for and not on "shipping."

Although, maybe it comes with a James Bond case you need a special code to get into. Top Secret yarn? I might pay $6.50 for that. :-)