Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Step up and Vote!

I have joined a Summer Knit A long called the, summer of socks. The goal is to knit as many socks as possible from June 21 through September 1, 08.

I have decided to attempt to complete 14 pairs of socks. That is a little over a pair a week but dag gummit I am going to do it.

Please note the poll in the upper right and place your vote! Thanks so much,

Yes it is still Tuesdays are for spinning so I will be doing that when I get home. I will be spinning up some, Throat Punch roving I scored on Etsy, from the KnitFrontandBack shop.

Peace out


Kelly said...

I'm in Summer of Socks too! I haven't set a goal for myself...I will just be happy to get through some of the stash!

Anonymous said...

Try these.....they'd be beautiful in a verigated yarn or a solid color!


By the way, I think you'll make your 52 AND I want to see how much sock yarn you buy!!!


Jen said...

Have you tried this one yet?? I really like the look of these...

These would be a great summer sock and easy to complete???


Have fun, can't wait to see what you get completed!!