Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks Jill!

Thanks Jill for letting me know.

I soooo meant, what Yarn from my stash should I use! I have well enough to keep me satisfied for a while.

Now what I also forgot to mention is that if you leave a sock/pattern suggestion you score bonus points. Sometimes people on the out side can visualize a specific yarn in a pattern, if thats you, let me know!

( and you can leave your foot measurements as well, I can't gaurantee anything but one never knows!


TeresaB said...

Well, I like the Fibers 'n Threads in Sunny Day for the yarn. I like the Naive Socks pattern, which might work for the repeat on the yarn. OR you might want to wait and see what I've been cooking up for the socks on 2 circulars class, in case you're taking that class.

Jill said...

How about Zen Garden (this just reminds me of lemonade pink and regular) in the new Muscari sock pattern from Knitty. I wanted to suggest the wavy lace socks, but you've already done those...