Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Peek a boo

Peek a boo
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Snoopy decided to make a nest on my bed yesterday afternoon. Here he is, looking longingly outside the window for a cat.

We did find one too! Snoopy got so excited he was howling which I think was the 3rd time I have ever heard him howl.

To any knitters on Facebook, you must add the Pieces of Flair application! It is a total time suck but it is fun and there are knitting pieces!

Fiber Tuesday you say? the past few days I have been setting the twist in stuff and experimenting, pics on Flickr.

Later taters

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Step up and Vote!

I have joined a Summer Knit A long called the, summer of socks. The goal is to knit as many socks as possible from June 21 through September 1, 08.

I have decided to attempt to complete 14 pairs of socks. That is a little over a pair a week but dag gummit I am going to do it.

Please note the poll in the upper right and place your vote! Thanks so much,

Yes it is still Tuesdays are for spinning so I will be doing that when I get home. I will be spinning up some, Throat Punch roving I scored on Etsy, from the KnitFrontandBack shop.

Peace out

Monday, June 16, 2008


Ohh I just found this ^ " Sweet Dreams Yarn"

I thought it was perty and that it needed a home.. He shall soon be a pair of socks. Pattern to be determined upon its arrival. It was bought here, http://shilchie.etsy.com/
Go take a moment and look around.

( ps it had free shipping)

Dear Etsy Sellers

I love Etsy. I love being able to search for specific items and being able to find them quickly. I like to buy from Indie Dyers there of sock yarn and roving.

I like to randomly search a few times a week for color combinations that I like, add them to my favorites and check to see if they are sold on me.

and now begins my rant.

Dear Etsy Seller,

I will not name your name. I have not bought from you before nor will I be unless you drop your shipping price. I was curious as to why you sell a skein of dyed sock that that is over 430 yards for a measly $10.50. The colors where very beautiful and I had it added to my favorites list quickly.

Then I checked the price of shipping. at $6.50 I was a little flabbergasted. I understand why you priced your yarn so low for you to jack your shipping so high. Will you be giving me a tracking number and have it insured? Will it be encased in a bubble of air from the Arctic? I don't understand how your shipping could be so high. Yes you are in the United States as am I.
Explain yourself.
Or You could simply tack on the price of shipping to your total and be done with it. I wouldn't questions that at all.

Your Truly,

Avid Etsy buyer/ stalker

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks Jill!

Thanks Jill for letting me know.

I soooo meant, what Yarn from my stash should I use! I have well enough to keep me satisfied for a while.

Now what I also forgot to mention is that if you leave a sock/pattern suggestion you score bonus points. Sometimes people on the out side can visualize a specific yarn in a pattern, if thats you, let me know!

( and you can leave your foot measurements as well, I can't gaurantee anything but one never knows!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesdays are for Spinning

or so says the Goddess of all things knitterly.

<---- So this is Bentley, he wanted to come home with me and begged and pleaded. So he is now at home waiting to be used and abused appropriately.( You can find a Link to where I got this on the right ----------------> Sugar Bee Studios.

Thanks for letting me share my fiber pron.

What else is up.

Mom got some test results back and she is officially Cancer Free! We will find out on I think Thursday her radiation schedule finally.

And for a last bit of knitting news. I am participating in something called, 52 Pair Plunge II. The goal is to make 52 pairs of socks from June1, o8 through June 1,09. In the upper right will be a running tally of pairs completed.

If you are on Ravelry I need help picking out some yarn for my next pair of socks. I can't guarantee who they will be for, but help a gal out eh?

Leave the suggestions here!

Thanks much!