Monday, February 8, 2010

Alpacas are for lovers..

Of cute fibery animals! On Saturday my cohort in crime, Trishthedish aka Tricia and I went over to the Alpaca Expo. Alpacas from all over the country were in town being judged in all sorts of things. I just wanted photos and fiber.

Alpacas will spit if they get scared, but they can be sweet and even funny. Tricia and I watched one fellow run laps around his pen hopping over bales of hay and annoying his fellow pen dwellers.

Now, this guy was a total ham for the camera. He loved having his picture taken and I didn't mind taking them!

I brought home 16 ounces of Chocolate brown Adult Huacaya Alpaca Roving and once I free up some bobbins I will get to spinning it up!

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Joan W said...

I love their funky hair-dos!