Monday, February 22, 2010

Cloudy thoughts

cloudy thoughts
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The blog has been silent the past weekish. My laptop has a virus and I have no interwebs to entrertain me at night while it is at the doctors. The doctor being one of my best friends Corrina's house. I am hoping for another miracle, one that involves the virus going ok and itunes is left intact.

Today's photo was taken the day I went to the Alpaca Expo with my friend Tricia. When we were walking to her truck to head home, the clouds were so pretty.

On the needles this week (that I can remember)

1. Baby sweater for a girl friend (I am trying to get two knitted by March 13) with matching booties

2. A self striping sock in Hot pink and black. It's dead sexy.

3. The second Embossed Leaves sock for my friend Carrie. It's only been a year that I have been knitting them.

4. A sweater for me that I think is too wide but I am too lazy to put it on waste yarn and try it on

5. A Self striped sock in yarn one of my favorite gal pal's dyed, I am on the foot and if I buckle down I can get it done this week.

6. Multnomah Shawl. I was knitting it at 2:45am the other morning and I fear something disasterous was done.... more on that later.

7.8. and 9. are more socks I cast on and put into project bags only to have the needles be ripped out in a month or so.

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