Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sockhead Hat

sockhead hat
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I have a finished object! I actually finished it a week or so ago. This hat is called the Sockhead Hat, and can be downloaded for free via Ravelry. I used 1 full skein and 1/4 of another in the Shibuiknits Sock in the colorway of Denim by Shibuiknits. I really love this yarn, the colors are awesome and my stash is growing by leaps and bounds, I brought 4 skeins home on Saturday.

It is a cute hat, that is slouchy in the back and is warm but not in the way of : melts your make up off.

I have a secret project on the needles right now and surprisingly enough, it is moving fast enough on size 7's/

In puppy news, Mo and Snoopy wrestled last night for almost an hour. It was so darn cute! Snoopy was being super gentle and they were both having a great time. I took a few videos and if they turn out decent I will upload them to You Tube and will post one on the blog soon.

This weekend , west of Jacksonville is the Alpaca Expo. Alpacas from all over the country are judged and shall be oogled by my cohort in crime, Tricia and myself. If you are local, I hope to see you there! i will be taking lots of photos for my friends who live far away.

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