Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sock yarn shelf

Sock yarn shelf
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Hi, my name is Kimber and I buy sock yarn.

I said it and I am not ashamed about it. Today, as part of the February - choose your own adventure with the Jax Ravelers group I co-run on Ravelry, I attempted to organize my sock yarn shelf in my yarn cabinet.

There is a lot of yarn that didn't make it on the shelf, mostly because I forgot about it sitting next to my computer.

Each yarn has a story and I won't bore you with what they all are. However if you were to pick one and ask I will tell you its story.

I do have a correction. In the previous blog about my Sockhead hat, the color is actually Man Blue not Denim like I said.

That's all I have today. I have lots of pictures of my trip to the Alpaca expo and a long story about that I will share another day.


Jackie said...

Great stuff you have there! And I know there is more....

Shevon said...

That's a good amount of sock yarn. Plenty of pink and black. Did you ever find the "perfect pink and black" you were looking for.